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A Timely Experience."
Custom-Blended Teas
Here at The Gathering Place we take pride in our custom black, green, rooibos, and herbal teas!  We blend our teas on site using the freshest ingredients and teas from estates all over the world.  We use ceylons, oolongs, assams, darjeelings, China gunpowder green teas, and African rooibos as the base teas for our numerous, unique flavors.  We also offer traditional flavors such as English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and various herbal teas.  The Gathering Place hosts the areas' largest selection of hand-blended custom teas. 

Try some of our signature flavors: Wyoming Autumn, Pioneer's Pleasure, Laramie River Lemon, Trail Ruts Raspberry Creme, Rendezvous Peach Raspberry, Western Plains Chai, Colonial Candy Apple and Indian Mocha Chai.
Estate Teas:
Kenilworth OP
Formosa Oolong
Unflavored Black Tea Blends:

English Breakfast
Irish Breakfast

Green Teas:

Orange Passionfruit Green Tea
Henry's Harvest Raspberry Green
Jasmine Blossom
China Green Tea (Gunpowder)
Rooibos Tea (African Redbush):
Cascadia Herbal
Vanilla Mint Rooibos
Unflavored Rooibos
Tuscany Pear Rooibos
Custom-Blended Flavored Black Tea:

Trail Ruts Raspberry Creme
Rendezvous Peach Raspberry
Laramie River Lemon Creme
Pioneer's Pleasure Peach Apricot
Wyoming Autumn Cinnamon Orange Spice
Colonial Candy Apple
Western Plains Chai
Prairie Ginger Peach
April's Apricot  Creme
The General's Brew Earl Grey
Fruit Blends (Tisanes):

Frontier Fruit Medley
Elderberry Bliss

You can purchase any of the above teas by calling The Gathering Place at 307-837-3082 or emailing us at frontiertearoom.com to place an order for pickup or to have our tea shipped to you.

We offer two different package sizes and two differnt packaging options for your convenience.

2 oz. bag--$4.95 (makes 20-25 cups of tea)2 oz. decorative tin--$7.95
TEA  LOVERS TIN : $11.95
Newer Blends: