The Gathering Place
"Steeped in Tradition...A Timely Experience"

"Oh, to have the good old days back!"  We hear it often and think about it even more.  We invite you to step back in time with us here in historic Fort Laramie, Wyoming.  Just as Fort Laramie was a stopping place for weary travelers heading west, The Gathering Place exists to provide refreshment along life's trail.  Are you looking for a special, quaint place to have a small group gathering?  Come and experience tea on the frontier!  The Gathering Place is here to host your special event.  We offer three different tea menus to choose from:
                       **Cream Tea**
                 ( Served 9:00-3:00 ))
                                                Choice of  Fine Tea   Various Seasonal Homemade Scones                     Devonshire Cream and Jam                   
                                                       Lemon Curd
                                                         **Brunch Tea**
                                                     (Served  9:00-1:00)
                                            Choice of  Fine Quality Tea
                                                     Homemade Scones
                                      Devonshire Cream & Lemon Curd
                                           Individual Quiche Lorraine
                         Select   Tea Sandwiches
                                                 Delectable Sweets/Fruit
                                                         $13.95 per person 

                                             **Luncheon Tea**

Choice of FIne Quality Tea
Homemade Scones
Devonshire Cream & Lemon Curd
Seasonal Soup Platter
Tea Sandwiches
Delectable Desserts
$16.95 per person

All Reservations for the weekend MUST be in  3:00 Wednesday.  We reserve the right not to accommodate late reservations.  Please understand this helps our operation to flow smoothly.
Cancellation Policy:  Please be sure to make any changes or cancellations to your reservation 24 hrs. prior to your scheduled time.  If we do not receive a phone call, you will be charged for the original number of guests upon arrival.  Thank you for understanding!!!
"Steeped in Tradition...A Timely Experience"
Tea By Reservation
****After more experience with this business
format, we have learned the importance of policy. 
Due to the distance to a grocery outlet and the
time spent in preparation, we must adhere to
these policies in order to best accommodate our
guests and be most efficient.  ***